Role Reversal

Adam & I went over to Jeanne & Ken’s house this afternoon to watch the Packers game.  Here’s the scene in the house during the 2nd half:  Jeanne & I were sitting on the couch watching the game.  Ken & Adam were in the kitchen cooking supper.  The Packers make a good play and Jeanne & I do our “Woo Hoo” and “Yeah.”  Suddenly I realize the guys weren’t in the living room.  I lean over to Jeanne and say, “You don’t see this in many households.  The girls are in the living room watching the football game while the guys are in the kitchen cooking.”  We cracked up about it for a little bit then told the guys what I said.  Later the guys joked about swapping recipes and cleaning tips. hehe smile

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  1. Pauline says:

    Were you and Jeanne drinking beer and farting? /chitchat/smilies/rotfl.gif </img>

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