An Ode to Bonnie (Part Deux)

You are my little big sister and I love you so.
There’s just something about you that picks me up when I’m feeling low.

A while back we argued and didn’t talk for over a year.
Somehow we worked through it and our friendship will persevere.

Now enough of this sappy stuff cuz I don’t wanna make you cry.
Instead I’Il tell you about a trick she played that went slightly awry.

When I was a little girl, I was a gullible kid.
Ms. Meany tricked me with peas in the nose. Oh yes, she really did.

Up they went, 1-2-3 and “uh oh” is what she said.
I’m not sure of what happened next but I hope she went straight to bed.

Ms. Meany I hope you remember now, I can whip you into shape.
All I have to do is deny you use of my fabulous SupaGeek Cape.  cheese

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