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A week or so ago Bonnie sent me the link for  I was looking at the site tonight when I came across Pumpkin Poop.  I wanna know who in the world started coming up with all this “poop” stuff.  They not only have Pumpkin Poop but they also have printable cards for Cupid Poop, Leprechaun Poop, Reindeer Poop, Turkey Poop, Snowman Poop, and Starry Night Poop.  I remember one year Pauline made Reindeer Poop for Sean and he got grossed out. LOL.  However the Reindeer Food was actually pretty cute.

Enough about Poop.

Looking at that site & reviewing all the archives from our family’s christmases past made me realize how much I miss having a big house where I can host all the family get-togethers like I use to.  I absolutely love helping Bonnie out with our family gatherings now but it’s just not the same cuz I’m not in the thick of it. Since I moved out of my house no holiday has been the same.  This past year has been the worst.  I love decorating for each season but this house is such a blech that I can’t get my heart into it like I use to.  I miss it more now because I can actually cook & bake.

Speaking of baking… apples will be ready at our favorite orchard in a couple weeks.  I cannot wait to make apple pie & apple crisp. MMMMMMMM.  Oh, now that reminds me I need to pick up stuff to make Pumpkin Pancakes and Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting before I leave for training on Sunday.  I ::heart:: Autumn.

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