Weekend Activities

What a beautiful day! smile  Adam & I are going salmon fishing today with Chip & Bonnie on Al’s boat.  Al is one of dudes that works with B.  I can’t wait.  I called Bonnie’s house this morning to see what time we were leaving.  We have to be to town before noon so we can get out the the fishin’ spot by 2:00p.

I tried to post last night but I was so tired I really couldn’t think of anything to post.  It was a pretty uneventful day, really.  I only worked 1/2 day then we came down to Adam’s ma’s and pretty much stayed here for the evening.  We only took a trip to town to pick up a few things then came right back.  Oh, and we rented The Pacifier.  The was a nice shot of Vin Diesel’s butt in a wet suit but other then that, it wasn’t all that exciting.  When it was first released I said I was definately going to buy it.  Now I’ll wait until it’s on the discount racks at Walmart. heh.  C’mon… it’s bad but it’s Vin Diesel so I have to own him it.

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