Man, am I tired. Adam & I got back home about 10:15 tonight.  We originally didn’t plan on coming home so late but I set up a computer for Adam’s ma and it took a little longer then I planned.  Well… I lie.  I knew how long it was going to take.  I’ve done it 8,324,342 times.  However, they turned on a movie around noon and my nose got glued in front of the TV until it was over (I SO need to buy The Negotiator ASAP).  I didn’t get completely finished but we really needed to get on the road so I’ll finish up when we’re down again in a few days.

So anyway…. This weekend Bonnie, Adam & I went to the Duck Races in Gladstone and Seafood Fest in Marquette as planned.  It was a lot of fun.  We each bought a Six-Quack of ducks.  Bonnie & Adam got on the leader board, but I didn’t.  We had 18 of the 300 ducks that raced in the heat… 2 of them place.  Not bad, not bad. smile  They didn’t win any prizes but oh well.  It was fun watching the rubber duckies float to the finish anyway.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take an extended weekend for the holiday weekend.  It would be nice.  I just hate burning up vacation time.  I’m a vacation time scrooge.  I don’t like taking it unless I’m going on a trip. But, I don’t have the patience to stay late to work on one or more of tasks on our HUGE task list so I can bank a little comp time.  I may go to the doc to see if I can take a short stress leave… I’m not sure yet tho.  I’m not 100% sure I want anyone at work to know that I’m stressed nearly to a breaking point (with the exception of my co-worker who severely needs a break out of the office himself).  However, I absolutely know that don’t want to irritate myself into another anxiety attack.  What I’d like to do…. get the time off then hide out in Gladstone/Esky for a week so I can relax, do some thinking, and get all of this jumble straightened out in my head so I don’t feel like I’m going to have a breakdown every couple of days.

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