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Earlier tonight I was sitting at my computer when Adam tapped my shoulder and asked me to turn around.  Silly Reggie was laying on top of all the babies.  What a hog.


Poor Denzel was sitting under my chair staring pathetically at him, I’m sure wondering if stealing a baby was worth unleashing the Rath of Reggie.

Other then being amused by the dogs, it’s been a pretty uneventful night.  We had a bunch of hamburger that had to be used up so I made goulash for dinner.  I also made spaghetti sauce at the same time.  We even had enough hamburger for Adam to make 2 small/medium meatloafs.  We have dinner all cooked for the next 3 nights.  Plus, Adam made Peach Cobbler for dessert after tomorrows supper.  I was instructed not to eat any.  hurmph.  I got over the disappointment a short time later… I made myself a huge bowl of popcorn & finished watching Star Wars all alone after the guys went to bed.

Once Star Wars was over, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to watch.  Boy I miss cable.  Since I’m tired of action flicks, tired of chick flicks, and tired of Friends, I decided to watch Miracle on 34th Street (the more recent one). hehe.  I can’t believe this is actually the first time since Christmas that I pulled out a Christmas movie.  It’s so unlike me.  I use to watch at least one a month between Christmas and October 15.  Maybe this past winter in the Great White North cured me of longing for Christmas during the summer… gawd, I hope not.  I wouldn’t be me if I lost my Christmas spirit!

Anyway…. WTF am I doing talking about Christmas in the middle of August??  I think I’ll write it off as a lack of sleep. heh.  Speaking of… I must be way overtired cuz I’m getting one heckuva headache.

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