Oh dear….

I’m not gonna hit my 500 posts by not posting for 3 days.  But I’ve had a busy week.  Went bowling with Adam, Chip, Stan, and Sean on Tuesday.  I worked really late on Wednesday.  Recovered Thursday.  Went fishing today.  I’ve also been super busy at work so I haven’t had time to post during the day.  I do have a little something to say about fishing…

I caught 6 fish.  The boys caught zero.  *giggle*

As a result, Chip bought his own fishing pole & Adam bought a new reel.  Actually, I think Adam was going to buy the reel anyway but I like my version better.

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2 Responses to Oh dear….

  1. Pauline says:

    /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/grin.gif Grlz Rock! Boyz just pout and buy new and improved tools!</img>

  2. Bonnie says:

    HAH HAH HAH! Warning … Chip’s gonna make you go fishing until he beats your record. /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/laugh.gif </img>

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