December 18

There is something about December 18.  Could it be it’s exactly a week until Christmas?  Maybe.  I was looking at my “On This Day” entry and I was thinking about Mom so I dedicated my “Carol of the Day” to her.  This morning she’s been on my mind a lot because of a spam email I received yesterday.  The message said it was from Jessie Knapp.  It left me feeling a little weird ever since.

This morning I’ve just been kind of sitting here looking around at all of my Christmas stuff.  There’s so much here that is “her”…

Even though we’ve lived together for a few years, Adam & I never picked out our own stockings.  I saw our old family stocking that Sharon made in one of my boxes of Christmas stuff so I decided to use those.  I picked out 4… the two biggest ones for me & Adam and the two smallest for Denzel & Reggie.  Until recently, I didn’t realize the one I grabbed for myself was Mom’s.

The tubes of wrapping paper that’s laying all over my living room floor is wrapping paper she used.  I’ve been buying new paper ever year.  Do you realize how old it makes that wrapping paper that’s sitting on my floor?  I’ve decided to use it this year because I’m getting quite the collection.  Just think… when anyone opens a gift from us this year, there will be a little of mom there.

So now I come to my tree – I have a lot of new ornaments but the majority are still the ornaments that we used ever since I can remember.  Looking at them brings me back to when I was 5 years old… the slightly musty smell in the house from bringing the decorations up from the basement mixed in with the smell of our Christmas tree and the aroma of mom’s cooking, the old red carpet that was a slightly rough for a little bum to sit & scoot around on, the brown paneled living room walls, the big kitchen table that was old but inviting, and best of all… mom’s big ol’ smile and crazy hair that shook a little when she laughed. smile

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