Adam & I are going to be watching Sean for the week while Pauline & Stan are gone to D.C.  I can’t wait.  We’re gonna go bummin, make cookies, work on some projects, maybe decorate for fall….  I can’t wait.  It’ll be fun to watch a tid again.  I haven’t since Aaron & Rachel were early/mid-teen agers.

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3 Responses to Babysittin’

  1. Sharon says:

    /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/cheesy.gif Fun!!! You gonna be stayiing at your house or Pauline’s? </img>

  2. Bonnie says:

    Don’t forget to stop by if you’re down this way!

  3. pauline says:

    Decorate for fall?? You didnt’ tell me it was fall! /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/shocked.gif </img>

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