Poopin’ Out

Well, you can see most of our living room floor now but we still have quite a bit to unpack.  I’m so tired of unpacking. LOL.  We decided not to wait to put stuff in the cupboards until after we painted.  We really needed the kitchen put together so we could start cooking meals.  The paint they had in the basement was more of the ugly green that the lower cupboards are and the brown/taupe color that the outside of the house is.  So, in order to have a white kitchen, we need to buy white paint.

We’re thinking we’re going to have to go buy carpet for the bedroom & see if they’ll deduct it from the rent.  Adam got a job & will be working mostly nights so it will be hard having our bed in the living room much longer.  Although I’m sure I’ll be sleeping on the couch until he gets home every night anyway. LOL!

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