There’s hope

(taken from an email to Bonnie since I’m too lazy to type… lol)

As long as everything goes well, it looks like we’ll be moving into our own place this week.  We were actually going to move into an apartment that we looked at once but decided against the first time because it had super high utilities for the size of the place.  When we called the landlord to figure out the security deposit & rent he was a BIG $#@ & expected us to pay a full month’s rent for the remainder of June.  THEN if we were to move out part way through a month we’d still have to pay a full month’s rent even if we gave him notice.  We also were not allowed to get the keys to the place until we got the utilites transferred into our name.  We were beyond frustrated after dealing with him & I had a really bad feeling about things going bad there quick so we kept that one on the back burner and made a couple calls.

We found a little house in L’Anse by the hospital on a quiet dead end street that’s on rez land.  It is a 1 bedroom fixer-upper type place but it’s not bad at all… It was pretty clean & has lots of potential.  Clean rentals around here are a really big deal.  The owner was very cool & said he & his wife want to sell it eventually & will knock off part of the rent for improvements we make to the house.  The rent and utilites together will be less then the rent on our place in Green Bay and we don’t have to put down a security deposit.  The only downside is the owner mentioned that there was a guy that wanted to do a land contract & was waiting until this afternoon to hear something.  However, it didn’t really sound like he wanted to do the land contract and started making plans for Adam to replace the two porches & install an A/C unit.  I’m really hoping this works out so we can move into a house with a yard & a cool owner instead of an apartment with a small shared yard & a jerk of a landlord.

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