Adam & Sean’s Great Adventure

Last night Adam & I took Sean to the lake so we could cool off.  We all got splashed at least once by the ice cold Lake Superior… Adam actually started wading in the water about shin deep until a big wave came in & got him knee deep as Seanie yelled, “Uncle!! A big wave!! Look out!!” LOL.  We all climbed rocks, walked up & down the shoreline, and looked for “cool rocks” and “skipping stones.”  Seanie became the King of the Rocks after he got to the top of one that was in the water without getting wet.  I, of course, was Queen of Skipping Rocks.  But – shhhhhhh – don’t tell ‘em I spent LOTS of time skipping rocks when I was little. LOL!

Seanie & Adam with a couple of their “cool rocks”

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