Ahhhhh…. June

And it’s a nice crisp 49 degrees this morning.  Adam & I went for a walk in L’Anse yesterday.  It wasn’t too far…. we started at the pharmacy in L’Anse then walked to the Bayview Clinic (a couple blocks before the hospital) and back to the pharmacy.  Then we went for ice cream – well, I had a frozen yogurt & he had a slushie.  When we got home we made a huge layer cake using a yellow cake, light cherry pie filling, sugar free pudding, and grapes… top with cool whip & mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm! :-D

Tonight we both have an eye appointment in Houghton.  Yay!  It feels good to know that we both have insurance again.

And…. today’s Wednesday.  Here’s hopin’ to something comes up for rent in the L’Anse Sentinel!

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