Dear Baby,

As you know, the doctor didn’t give us very good news this morning.  He told us that your little heart wasn’t beating and we may have already lost you because you looked smaller then what you were last week.  Maybe it just wasn’t the right time for either of us yet.  I’m glad you hung on long enough to let the doctor tell me what was going to happen.  I’m sure you knew how hard the loss would have been for me if it happened before I got confirmation.  Now they’re going to let me let you go on my terms.

I know I’ve said it was easier to think that I could never be a mommy then to have you only to lose you but that’s not true at all.  I’m so incredibly happy that you came into my life, even if it were for a few short weeks.  You’ve given me hope when I didn’t think there was any.  And even though I’ve always known this, you showed me what an incredible husband your daddy is going to be.

Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Love Always,
Your Mommy

P.S.  Even though we didn’t hear the news we were hoping to, I’ll take us out for ice cream tonight anyway.

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