Valentine’s Day

I keep forgetting to post what my surprise was for Adam for Valentine’s Day. LOL!!  I took him to Chicago to Shedd’s Aquarium.  I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping the secret so well.

Saturday morning we got up bright & early, packed our stuff & headed out.  We got just south of Milwaukee when I told Adam that we be at our destination in about an hour and a half.  Wouldn’t it figure that a milage sign that said Chicago – 70 miles popped up? LMAO.  At least he didn’t know why we were going to Chicago.  When we got into Chicago the traffic was a little crazy.  We accidentally got looped the wrong way on the Chicago Loop & had to turn around quickly.  Once we got turned in the right direction we had to find parking.  That was a chore.  There was a hugo Auto Show in the same area.  It was pretty funny, though…. Adam yelled, “I know where we’re going!  We’re going to the auto show!”  I answered, “Nope.  You’re wrong.” and continued to drive in circles. LOL.

Frustrated with not being able to park I finally told him where we were going & he helped navigate so we could find some parking.  We started to walk toward the aquarium when we realized we forgot the camera.  I was bummed cuz we couldn’t have any pictures taken of us for his first time in downtown Chicago.  He was bummed he couldn’t take pictures of the fish. LOL.  That’s my hunny.  I think the way he stated it was, “Who cares about us!  I want pictures of the fish!” LMAO

It was pretty cool because he had a chance to see Sears Tower, Chicago Stock Exchange, Navy Pier, Soldier Field, a bum, and tons of other stuff.  Once we got downtown, it was interesting trying to get out.  We must have went around the same area about 50 times before we figured out which direction we were suppose to turn. LMAO.

Sunday when we were heading out I realized that I forgot to print instructions to get from the hotel to home.  As we were leaving I quick looked at a map to see what highway & direction we had to go to get to Milwaukee.  Well….. I ended up taking Adam through a tour of O’Hare airport because there wasn’t on on-ramp to the highway we needed to get on going from the direction we came from. LOL!  At least we got turned around & were able to get on the highway.  It was smooth sailing from there.  On our way home we stopped at a few outlet malls and did a little shopping.  I kept pretty good to my word that it was going to be a non-wedding weekend.  We had such an awesome time.  It was certainly a break we needed.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    That sounds like such a fabulous trip. I need to do something like that more often. It has been forever (like when I was a teenager forever) since I’ve been to Chicago.

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