Not Quite So Pitiful

I’m back at work today & don’t feel quite so pitiful anymore.  Last night I was finally able to eat normal food without getting a stomach ache.  I was sooooo happy.  I can’t wait to eat lunch today. LOL.  When I stepped on the scale yesterday the grand total weight loss for 1 week is….. 8 pounds.  sheesh.  Too bad I couldn’t lose another 8 pounds this week. hehe.  I’d rather be healthy, though.

My Christmas spirit is coming around slowly.  Adam & I got the majority of our shopping AND wrapping done over the weekend.  We also started baking Christmas cookies. smile  Yummmmmmy!!  Tonight I’m hoping we can get some of our outside decorating done.  My poor hunny is getting a cold so we’ll have to see (at least we’re hoping it’s just a cold & not the flu).  I may end up doing the decorating myself & trying to recruit Reggie to help.  hehe.  Denzel has been feeling a little under the weather, too, so we’ve had to keep a close eye on him.  Both silly dogs tried to “help me” wrap presents last night… their version of helping is to lay on top of the wrapping paper & tape. lol.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    So happy you’re feeling better! Please don’t let Adam be getting what you got.

    Are you physched for graduation? I’m all fired up!

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