101 Things in 1001 Days


1.  Do a twenty-five-mile bike ride

2.  Get a tattoo


3.  Go for a fall foliage driving tour

4.  Rake leaves into a huge pile and jump into them – Completed 10/18/2003

5.  Pick Apples – Completed 9/21/2003

6.  Make Carmel Apples

7.  Make a scarecrow


8.  Blow bubbles with bubble gum

9.  Buy some crazy socks

10.  Draw with chalk on the road

11.  Do some crayon art

12.  Do some hula-hooping

13.  Make a bridge across a stream or river.


14.  Make some candles

15.  Start a photo scrapbook

16.  Make soap

17.  Do some woodwork

18.  Paper Mache

19.  Learn to sew


20.  Water Balloon fight

21.  Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows

22.  Go for a walk together

23.  Attack a household chore as a team then go out and celebrate as a team

24.  Go to the playground

25.  Go to the local zoo

26.  Try to get as many family members together in one place


27.  Go to the Yellow Pages and pick the seventh restaurant ? eat the seventh entree and order the seventh dessert

28.  Make your own banana split

29.  Slurp your spaghetti really loud when you eat it

30.  Eat a huge piece of watermelon

31.  Use garnishes when cooking

32.  Decorate an outrageous cake


33.  Get up early to watch the sunrise

34.  Watch the moonrise

35.  Take a ten-minute walk

36.  Set up the tent in the backyard


37.  Write a long letter to an old friend

38.  Shoot a whole roll of film in one day

39.  Visit someone you haven?t seen in a long time

40.  Kidnap some friends/family and go out for breakfast in your pajamas


41.  Get someone to paint your toenails

42.  Karaoke

43.  Have a scavenger hunt

Good Will

44.  Smile at someone who never smiles at you

45.  Send flowers or cards to someone for no special reason

46.  Volunteer at a local organization


47.  Host a New Year?s Party

48.  Send family & friends Valentine?s

49.  Wear Green on St. Patrick?s Day (I never usually do)

50.  Have an egg hunt

51.  Light some sparklers

52.  Carve a pumpkin – Completed 10/18/2003

53.  Cook my 2nd Thanksgiving meal

54.  Caroling

55.  Decorate my yard like Candy Land


56.  Host a yard sale

57.  Make Home made ice cream


58.  Have a carpet picnic

59.  Board games by a toasty fire

60.  Jigsaw puzzles

61.  Scrabble

Places to Go

62.  Go-karting

63.  Go to the symphony/theater

64.  Go on a Hay Ride


65.  Drink coffee in the morning sunshine

66.  Get a blanket and a book and find a place to park it

67.  Get some flowers for yourself


68.  Walk at sunset

69.  Hang on your local monkey bars

70.  Go to the playground and play on the slides and teeter totter

71.  Swing on a swing

72.  Play table tennis

73.  Volleyball

74.  Go goofy bowling. Each frame try bowling with a different twist; wrong-handed, between your legs backwards, between someone else’s legs, on one foot, holding a balloon between your legs, from on your knees, etc


75.  Pick some flowers

76.  Take a jeep & go muddin?

77.  Plant a garden


78.  Go to an outdoor restaurant

79.  Go to a baseball game

80.  Go boating

81.  Swim in a lake or a river


82.  Fill your tank with gas ? drive till it?s half gone and come back

83.  Escape to a Bed & Breakfast

84.  Go beachcombing for driftwood and cool stones

85.  Take a spontaneous road trip

86.  Look at your city through tourists? eyes

87.  Go to Niagara Falls

When Severely Bored

88.  Write five postcards to friends even if you are not on vacation

89.  Pick out all your outfits for the next week


90.  Have a barbecue in the middle of a snowstorm

91.  Lie on your back in a snowy field

92.  Watch the snow fall

93.  Make a snowman

94.  Make a snow fort

95.  Snowshoeing

96.  Go tobogganing

97.  Snow tubing

98.  Go for a sleigh ride

99.  Make snow angels


100.  Decorate my cube smile

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2 Responses to 101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Jeanne says:

    Yay! You made a list!!!

  2. Bonnie says:


    You joined in the fun! I absolutely loved #76.

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