Yesterday’s road trip went pretty well.  Amy & I left work at 4:30 and were in Chicago before 8:00.  We stopped at Wendy’s somewhere around Menominee Falls for a bite to eat because we were starrrrving.  Traffic moved along pretty well with the exception of the kamakazi Wal*Mart truck that tried to pull into a lane quickly & cut us off.  The dork pulled into the other lane so fast I thought his trailor was going to roll right over the top of us.

Once we got to the airport, Amy determined that we needed to go to Terminal 2.  Let me tell you now… O’Hare Airport sucks.  LOL.  And I only say this because I had to go around the circle twice to get where we wanted to be.  We were trying to get to the parking lot – I didn’t want to go in daily parking since we weren’t going to be there very long.  So, I followed the sign that said “Valet/Hourly/Something Parking”.  Well, the sign also said “Back to City” and there wasn’t any other parking. GRRRRRRR.  Luckily we didn’t end up going back toward Chicago but we had to circle the terminal thingie again.

When we finally got up to the terminal we only had to wait about 15 for her brother to arrive.  We were in the car & on the road again around 8:35.  We hit some construction in Milwaukee on the way home.  That kinda sucked because in was only 1 lane and traffic was amazingly heavy for 10:00 at night.  After that it was smooth sailing all the way home – with the exception of the black cat we almost hit in Oshkosh.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That sure was a quick trip! Glad it went well. Too cool you did all of the Sunday Brunches. I read all of them. :D AND, you’ve been blogging pretty regular. Did I light a fire under you? :D

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