Row, Row, Row Your Boat Canoe

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  We got our canoe last night. :-D It is a red canoe with a little cooler & 4 pole-holders.  I can’t wait to go out on a lake!  This weekend we’re going to try to buy lifejackets & ores.  We’ll have to see, though.  That other part for my car costs $50. grumble

Tonight we’re going to Adam’s niece’s baptism then out for Pizza afterward.  My friend Snort’s birthday is tomorrow so we may decide to meet up with them in Appleton tomorrow night.  Sometime this weekend we’re going to the Mackville Tractor Pulls.  We’re also hoping to go check out a little water hole that’s about a mile from our house.  Adam thinks it would be a great spot to take Seanie fishing.  I intend to finish painting my desk sometime in there.  I don’t think I’m gonna sleep much.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Cool about getting a canoe!!! Hey… maybe one of these days we can row, row, row our canoes together. :D

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