Boy, I really go through streaks of time where I don’t post anything in here! LOL.  Not much happening… it is really slow at work today & I’m bored outta my skull.

I have to play catch-up at school.  I’ve been getting some pretty severe migraines for about 3 weeks so I’ve missed 2 sessions of each class. YUCK!  One instructor said I can make up 75% of my lab time by writing a 2-page report for each class I missed.  YUCK again. LOL.  But, at least I’ll get some credit for the labs.  I also have to write a research paper to test out of my Comp II class… that’s due the first week of June.  At least I’ll have a little cushion so I don’t have to try to get it done at the same time as these other projects!

I think that gets us about caught up.  Life has been pretty uneventful.

Cheers ‘til Later!!

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