YAAAAAAAAAAY!  I finally finished up the group project that I’ve been working so hard on.  I know its been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve been SO overwhelmed with work and school.  I’m averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep per night.  Other then being sleep-deprived and stressed, I’ve been doing good.  As you can see, I updated my blog.  I also updated the adoptions and premades section.  I just love my carolers. :o)  I’m so proud of them. tee hee.

Adam & I did a “turkey-test-run” the other night.  We accidentally left it in the oven a hair too long and it was a little dry… not bad but not perfect.  I’m certainly glad we did the test, though!  Yesterday was officially 6 weeks until Christmas.  I can’t believe it!!  I’ve been really itching to start putting up my Christmas decorations.  We put our tree up this time last year.  Adam wants to wait until after my family’s Thanksgiving dinner so we have a little more room.  *sniffle*  I don’t wanna wait that long!!!  Although, it’s not like I have a ton of time to start Christmas decorating. LMAO.

Anyway… I s’pose I should head to bed so I can sleep a little before work tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll get to bed before midnight tomorrow night… LOL.  Later!  :-*

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