I was such a busy lil bee yesterday!  I still only got half of what I wanted to accomplished because I got sidetracked.  Although, I did get my friendship quilt and quilt square done (sidetracks #1 & 2).  I never did make Adam supper, either.  We went shopping instead.  He ended up making dinner for us when we got home. Yum Yum.

We were pretty amused throughout the day watching our dogs play.  Reggie is so happy to have his squeak back.  His newest thing is to tease US with it.  We’ll put a hand down to get the squeak and he’ll keep running into our hand like he wants us to grab it then takes it away. LOL!  Then if we grab it, he’ll wrestle it around just like we normally do to them. LMAO.  He’s also starting to grunt when he runs with a toy in his mouth like Denzel does. tee hee.  Silly Doggies.

Today I’m putting our site to the side and updating Jessieskids.  I really don’t like having the whole site behind a password but I was getting quite irritated with someone trying to delete stuff.  Ignorant jerks.  I’m having a heck of a time trying to find Thanksgiving sets that I really like.  I’ll keep hunting… I can always settle on something for the time being then change it later I suppose.  I’m having the opposite problems with Christmas sets. LOL!  Big surprise there, huh?

I’m going to bake another apple pie later today.  Since we gobbled the first one up so fast I decided to make a pumpkin pie, too.  I decided against making my own pie crust and bought Pilsbury ready-made crusts. tee hee.  That was just too big of an ordeal last time.

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