On the Second of December

… we have art.

MkayBye, Stick Figures!

Just kidding. I’ve perfected the art of stick figures so I would never truly abandon them. However, tonight I attended a painting class here in Marinette by Wine & Canvas of Green Bay/Appleton. I went solo to the event because the few people I asked were unable to attend. I’m SO happy I didn’t back out because it was so much fun!

Looking at it now, there are still a few things I would change with my painting but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Digital December, Day 2. Snowy Moon.

Digital December, Day 2. Snowy Moon.

I love that the canvas for my painting is the same size as my “Mothers are the Buttons” canvas. No matter where I live I’ll always have the perfect place to display my artwork just by replacing my year-round canvas. Yay!

Back to the event itself…

I had the best time chatting with some of the local ladies. We all had our insecurities about our artwork but encouraged each other. When a few of the groups heard that I was there by my lonesome, they offered to include me in their group photos. So very sweet of all of them. I ensured them that I was totally okay flying solo but sincerely appreciated their offer.

One of the women I sat next to was there with her mother-in-law. The MIL was an elderly woman who lost her husband just 2 weeks ago. She didn’t like how her painting turned out compared to others, but I thought it was great. Her unsteady hand gave the painting texture that no other painting had. I tried to copy it on my a couple of my trees but failed. (Note the heavy white blobs on the tops of the trees.)

This is my happy faaaaaace.

My paint plate/palette was upside down while I pulled it out from under my easel but I caught the happy face immediately. I knew right then that it would be my photo of the day of the Idea Room Challenge.

Idea Room Challenge, Day 2. Joyous.

Idea Room Challenge, Day 2. Joyous.

And what a great representation of the evening.

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On The First of December

I decided to do a couple of photo challenges again during the month of December. The first photo challenge is from The Idea Room. I wanted a challenge with prompts so I have something to hunt for throughout the day. I’m cross-posting these in Instagram.

The other challenge is Digital December. I did this challenge 8 years ago but only got 3 days in and forgot about it. This was the first picture, though… YIKES.

First Big Snow Storm

First Big Snow Storm.

The subjects for Digital December will be something random from my day. I’m hoping for no ridiculous snowstorms like the one on 12/1/2007.

Warm and Cozy.

I love my blanket ladders my brother helped me make earlier in the year. There are 2, both unpainted. I’ll paint them one day, maybe January or February. Color decisions are hard. The ladder in my bedroom is empty since I can’t decide what blankets to put on it.

This ladder is in my living room. It holds afghans family (and ex-family) members made for me. I love all of them so much.

Idea Room Challenge Day 1. Warmth.

Idea Room Challenge Day 1. Warmth.

I have a dysfunctional oven. Again.

What is it with me and ovens breaking? This the 3rd place in a row that I lived and the oven broke. The oven was in my house in Escanaba and sprung a gas leak (happy we were home when it happened to catch it before it got super dangerous). TheHut’s oven had a busted heat element and terminal block. Now? Now the oven in my apartment has a wonky temperature sensor.

Digital December, Day 1. Dysfunctional Oven.

The part I ordered came in today but has the wrong connector so it needs to be spliced. Bugger. That’s a bit out of my skill set so I’m taking it to D tomorrow so he can hook me up. I’ll be able to bake cookies some day!

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Yesterday I posted a series of photos on my Snapchat story. Throughout the day I’d take a picture of every different floor covering I stepped on.

Why? Well, it originally started out as a bit of a joke after a friend posted nothing but pictures of trees for days. There was one day in early October I received 16ish snaps within about 5 hours, all trees. It got to the point where it was like I was looking at the same thing over and over and mentioned to my niece that it was about as exciting as staring at the floor. That’s when the idea for The Day of Floors was born.

When I started I honestly thought that there would be under 10 pictures in the story. By the end of the day, there were over 20 and I know I forgot to take a few pictures when I left work. There was also a handful of areas I didn’t walk through yesterday… the family restaurant, steakhouse, club, sports bar, old hotel tour or any of the hotel rooms. I know each of those areas has at least 1 different floor covering, making a minimum of 30 different floor coverings where I work (that I’m aware of). I realize this is an uninteresting point for some but it’s fascinating to me.

What started out as a silly joke ended up being sort of fun. I do sort of wonder what surveillance thought, though. I’d walk into an area, do a little happy dance if the floor was different from any of the others I saw during the day then snap a picture of my feet and the floor.

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Unfocused Friday. October Edition.

I want a moped. The problem is that I really don’t have anywhere that I could drive it.

My favorite bartender at work is preggers. She’s due Thanksgiving Day. I’m making her bebe these cute little booties. Aren’t they the best?


I’m pretty much in love with my new TiVo.

I finally broke down and ordered shoes. I can’t wait to get them. I still need more clothes, winter boots, and a winter jacket.

Scraping the stupid frost off my windshield this morning reminded me that I also need to replace my scraper and snow brush.

I need to find a place local to me that repairs shoes. Two pairs of my favorite boots have broken heel tips, one pair being the ones I have on right now.

I watched so much scary stuff last weekend that I ended up clenching my jaw so hard in my sleep on Sunday night that I woke up with a swollen face and my jaw hurt for 3 days.

I’m super excited for Christmas this year. I have no idea why. It’s been a good 3-4 years since my excitement was at this level. I already started making Christmas gifts. And I might have watched a Christmas show. Or three.

I know it’s not even Halloween yet.

No, I’m not getting a tree as big as I did last year. It was awesome, but it was a bear to take out of my apartment alone.

Yes, I still have to decorate for Fall but I’m THAT excited for Christmas that I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate.

Speaking of doing things alone. I found a super cool tv stand with a fireplace at Walmart. I want to buy it, but I have no idea how I’ll get it to my apartment, let alone all the way up there. I think it might involve taking all the pieces out of the box and hauling them up bit by bit.

I need my super talented sister and brother to make a few simple things for me, but I’m afraid to ask. (hint, hint)

I know so many pregnant women right now that I find myself looking at baby & maternity stuff a lot so I can show them cute stuff. Maternity Halloween costumes are the best!

I’m going to my first regular season Packers game on Sunday. I. Can’t. Wait.

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The Monster.

Last month during my hunt for somewhere to live closer to work I wondered if I was being too cautious about not wanting to live in town because of my exes. I know I can be overdramatic about things. I wanted to move so badly that I put my concerns aside and called on a few places.

I’m so thankful none of them worked out.

Yesterday during lunch I found out ExH1 followed someone to a bar, got into a fight with them and attempted to pull a gun on the person.

Excuse my language here.

What. the actual. fuck.

ExH1 is a drug addict who has a recent history of car theft (while high, claims/thought he was allowed to borrow) and breaking into houses (his sister’s) to steal pills (his niece’s ADHD meds). I get that he was close/related to the people he committed the other crimes against but still. How is he not doing any sort of time? Has he not been sentenced yet? Have the charges been dropped? Where the sentences that soft?

The possibility of me ever moving into town dropped to zero. It’s highly unlikely I’ll even go out with friends there. The thought even crossed my mind not to move closer to work at all. Screw thinking that I’m being too cautious. Yes, I realize not moving is extreme. Yes, we’ve been divorced for nearly 15 years. But who would have thought he would have contacted me & my family and asked out my sister after 12-13 of those years? Who would have thought I would have had to still deal with him at all just 9 months ago? I’m not taking any chances.

I get that in the short time he was clean that he was a nice guy and a lot of people loved him. But what I don’t get how people can still label him as a “good guy” and still defend him after everything he’s done. How can they not see that after at least 30 years of struggling with various forms addiction (and having a mother that’s been an addict since she was a teen) that the monster isn’t going to give up with what appears to be one hell of a nasty fight? I’m not saying they should give up on him. Keep praying and pray hard. But I suppose the difference between being in a long-term relationship with him and him putting on a lovable front is that you see this isn’t something he stumbled on in the past few years. You know he it’s something that’s been with him most of his life, and it’s just getting worse.

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