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I was going through one of my old dressers tonight, making room so I can give it to D. The dresser is one I brought down when I was in a hurry last year so I didn’t really go through … Continue reading

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Dream A Little Dream… or Nightmare

Almost 2 weeks ago I had a dream that I’ve been trying to sort out. I still remember the dream as clearly as I did when I woke up that morning. The colors, the emotion… everything. That day I did a … Continue reading

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Sad doesn’t begin to cover it

Here’s the story about Kit-Kat and her soul mate finding their way to each other after 15 years of friendship, hidden feelings, and other relationships. Now here’s the one where she got hormonal due to her PMS crankiness going abnormally … Continue reading

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Ignorant Mother $*#@^

I had to stop at the post office today after work.  As I was walking up to the building an old man was walking out.  He saw me coming up the sidewalk so he held the door open for me. … Continue reading

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Some things are better off staying buried

This afternoon I was visiting Bonnie’s blog and she did a Scrollback Saturday as one of her recent posts.  I thought it would be fun to look back at the archives from my old blog to see what I could … Continue reading

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