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What’s my name? Take 2.

Let’s review this again… My name is NOT Jeanne or Jeannie. It’s not Bonnie. It’s not Pauline or Sharon. My name is Jennie or Kit-Kat. Jen is acceptable but I don’t really prefer it. It’s very rare that I’m called … Continue reading

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Ignorant Mother $*#@^

I had to stop at the post office today after work.  As I was walking up to the building an old man was walking out.  He saw me coming up the sidewalk so he held the door open for me. … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

This has definitely been a trying week. Instead of this being a whining, bitching entry, I’ll post pros and cons! Pros: Because of bad weather I was trapped out of town so I had a long weekend I’m planning a … Continue reading

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Well I was having a great vacation and the most incredible stress free holiday season until someone decided make me the target of her holiday bitchies. Thanks a lot.

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Chicken fingers

One of the best benefits for me living with someone is that I don’t have to touch raw chicken. I cannot stand touching raw chicken. Do you have any idea how much of a problem this poses for me? I … Continue reading

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