Just When I Needed Her, She Showed.

Two things happened tonight.

The first was that I started the packing process in my back rooms. Five hours of organizing, purging, and packing away things I won’t need in the next month or so.  It’s been fun. And, as always, it’s been soul cleansing.

The other thing that happened is that I discovered I’m not going to be able to go up to my sister’s water walk on Wednesday. Frustrated, I sat on the floor and cried for a good half hour. I want to go so badly.

Something gave me a little nudge to get off the floor and continue working. I really didn’t want to, if I’m entirely honest, but I did anyway. A short time later I came across one of Pauline’s shirts that our oldest sister, Sharon, gave me last summer. I laughed to myself because the shirt is totally corny and totally her. There’s a little chest badge that says “Yooper Chick” with a graphic of a cartoon chicken. I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it but I love when I find it among my stuff.

As I continued on with what I was doing, I wondered where Pauline’s skirt went. Sharon gave that to me at the same time. I got distracted by something else bright and shiny then ended up going back to whatever I was doing when I found the shirt.

While I was reorganizing my closet, I discovered the skirt in a pile of pants. Because it totally belongs there, right? I held the skirt up to my waist… too long. Then I had a brilliant idea. Excited, I quick slipped out of my PJs and pulled the skirt up to my armpits to see what sort of work I’d need to do. I could take in the waistband so it fits my chest, add straps and a belt then wear it with my long, loose-knit cardigan. Brilliant! The colors would look great together. I stood in front of my full length mirror… gathering here, pinching there. Then I spun around to see what the back looked like & what needed to be done there.

It hit me. She was there. Her scent filled the air.

As my eyes filled with tears, I buried my face in the fabric. It was like she was giving me one of her warm, feels-just-like-mom hugs. I didn’t want to let go. I said my hellos and a prayer… then slipped the skirt off and put my PJs back on. I folded the skirt back up and tucked it back into the piles of pants. Now I remember why it was there.

What an amazing gift to receive on a night when I was struggling about not being able to go to the water walk. Again.

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