Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Time to sit back and unwind…

I love that old jam.

We all know how wet the Midwest has been this summer. The UP finally got a bit of sunshine around the 4th of July. My brother has been itching to get his boat out on the lake. Unfortnately, his truck has been cooperating with him far less than the weather. He hasn’t been able to get it started all season. When we finally got the nice bit of weather and his truck still wasn’t running, I told him he could use the Bronco to tow the boat for the summer. I haven’t really been using it since the snow melted anyway. I dropped the Bronco off on the 2nd and Brother was finally able to get the boat in the water on the 4th.

He was pretty happy. And I was a little excited to see my beast doing something other than sitting.

Bronco to the Rescue!

I had to work on the 4th for a while but was able to join him for a couple of hours in the afternoon. What an amazing afternoon on the lake.

Chip’s Ahoy!

Lake Lyfe

He and I had a little cookout at his house that evening then met some of the family at the park to watch Fireworks. I absolutely love Escanaba Harbor.

Escanaba Harbor at Sundown

Boom Boom Pow

A couple of days later Bro & I went to a local strawberry farm to pick a flat of strawberries. He was really fast strawberry picker when we were kids. He’s still fast. I think I figured out why… he skimmed past a lot of patches that had smaller berries. I stayed a little behind and cleaned them up. Little berries are berries, too!

Fresh Picked Strawberries


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