On the Second of December

… we have art.

MkayBye, Stick Figures!

Just kidding. I’ve perfected the art of stick figures so I would never truly abandon them. However, tonight I attended a painting class here in Marinette by Wine & Canvas of Green Bay/Appleton. I went solo to the event because the few people I asked were unable to attend. I’m SO happy I didn’t back out because it was so much fun!

Looking at it now, there are still a few things I would change with my painting but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Digital December, Day 2. Snowy Moon.

Digital December, Day 2. Snowy Moon.

I love that the canvas for my painting is the same size as my “Mothers are the Buttons” canvas. No matter where I live I’ll always have the perfect place to display my artwork just by replacing my year-round canvas. Yay!

Back to the event itself…

I had the best time chatting with some of the local ladies. We all had our insecurities about our artwork but encouraged each other. When a few of the groups heard that I was there by my lonesome, they offered to include me in their group photos. So very sweet of all of them. I ensured them that I was totally okay flying solo but sincerely appreciated their offer.

One of the women I sat next to was there with her mother-in-law. The MIL was an elderly woman who lost her husband just 2 weeks ago. She didn’t like how her painting turned out compared to others, but I thought it was great. Her unsteady hand gave the painting texture that no other painting had. I tried to copy it on my a couple of my trees but failed. (Note the heavy white blobs on the tops of the trees.)

This is my happy faaaaaace.

My paint plate/palette was upside down while I pulled it out from under my easel but I caught the happy face immediately. I knew right then that it would be my photo of the day of the Idea Room Challenge.

Idea Room Challenge, Day 2. Joyous.

Idea Room Challenge, Day 2. Joyous.

And what a great representation of the evening.

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