On The First of December

I decided to do a couple of photo challenges again during the month of December. The first photo challenge is from The Idea Room. I wanted a challenge with prompts so I have something to hunt for throughout the day. I’m cross-posting these in Instagram.

The other challenge is Digital December. I did this challenge 8 years ago but only got 3 days in and forgot about it. This was the first picture, though… YIKES.

First Big Snow Storm

First Big Snow Storm.

The subjects for Digital December will be something random from my day. I’m hoping for no ridiculous snowstorms like the one on 12/1/2007.

Warm and Cozy.

I love my blanket ladders my brother helped me make earlier in the year. There are 2, both unpainted. I’ll paint them one day, maybe January or February. Color decisions are hard. The ladder in my bedroom is empty since I can’t decide what blankets to put on it.

This ladder is in my living room. It holds afghans family (and ex-family) members made for me. I love all of them so much.

Idea Room Challenge Day 1. Warmth.

Idea Room Challenge Day 1. Warmth.

I have a dysfunctional oven. Again.

What is it with me and ovens breaking? This the 3rd place in a row that I lived and the oven broke. The oven was in my house in Escanaba and sprung a gas leak (happy we were home when it happened to catch it before it got super dangerous). TheHut’s oven had a busted heat element and terminal block. Now? Now the oven in my apartment has a wonky temperature sensor.

Digital December, Day 1. Dysfunctional Oven.

The part I ordered came in today but has the wrong connector so it needs to be spliced. Bugger. That’s a bit out of my skill set so I’m taking it to D tomorrow so he can hook me up. I’ll be able to bake cookies some day!

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