Unfocused Friday. October Edition.

I want a moped. The problem is that I really don’t have anywhere that I could drive it.

My favorite bartender at work is preggers. She’s due Thanksgiving Day. I’m making her bebe these cute little booties. Aren’t they the best?


I’m pretty much in love with my new TiVo.

I finally broke down and ordered shoes. I can’t wait to get them. I still need more clothes, winter boots, and a winter jacket.

Scraping the stupid frost off my windshield this morning reminded me that I also need to replace my scraper and snow brush.

I need to find a place local to me that repairs shoes. Two pairs of my favorite boots have broken heel tips, one pair being the ones I have on right now.

I watched so much scary stuff last weekend that I ended up clenching my jaw so hard in my sleep on Sunday night that I woke up with a swollen face and my jaw hurt for 3 days.

I’m super excited for Christmas this year. I have no idea why. It’s been a good 3-4 years since my excitement was at this level. I already started making Christmas gifts. And I might have watched a Christmas show. Or three.

I know it’s not even Halloween yet.

No, I’m not getting a tree as big as I did last year. It was awesome, but it was a bear to take out of my apartment alone.

Yes, I still have to decorate for Fall but I’m THAT excited for Christmas that I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate.

Speaking of doing things alone. I found a super cool tv stand with a fireplace at Walmart. I want to buy it, but I have no idea how I’ll get it to my apartment, let alone all the way up there. I think it might involve taking all the pieces out of the box and hauling them up bit by bit.

I need my super talented sister and brother to make a few simple things for me, but I’m afraid to ask. (hint, hint)

I know so many pregnant women right now that I find myself looking at baby & maternity stuff a lot so I can show them cute stuff. Maternity Halloween costumes are the best!

I’m going to my first regular season Packers game on Sunday. I. Can’t. Wait.

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  1. Bonnie (BornInaZoo) says:

    LOL … hint, hint. Message me & we’ll see if we can do it.

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