Thinking Out Loud #12


Bezhig (One).

So I can feel less like Count from Sesame Street as I count down (or up?) my Thinking Out Loud subjects, I decided to count in Ojibwe. This is the only thing I can actually say other than counting and various single words…

Boozhoo! Niin Waab-ahnanung’kwey nindizhinikaaz. Ma’iingan doodem.
(Hello! My name is Morning Star Woman. I am Wolf Clan.)

Niizh (Two).

We Are No Longer Enemies.

I am no longer enemies with the scale. I’ve come to respect it again. It’s not at fault for the poor choices I made during the summer. Poor scale got no respect.

I only lost .4 pounds this week but I lost 1% body fat. Yay! I’m quite certain the muscle gain is in my ass. At least that’s what hurt the most this week.

Niswi (Three).

Store No More.

These are coming out of the corner this weekend. The PVC thingies are my cheap knock-off version of the Lebert Equalizer. I’m going to paint them bright pink and add hand grips as soon as we get a less humid, not too hot or cold day (hopefully before the snow flies).

I needed to get a little strength and flexibility back before using them. Since I live in an upper apartment I really didn’t want to lose my balance & hit the floor, causing a ginormous sounding kaboom for DownstairsNeighbors.

Niiwin (Four).

Making It Work At Work.

I love eating at work. We have great chefs in our restaurants. Unfortunately, most of the meals are insanely unhealthy. They have this build a burger thing where you pick your meat (or mushroom) then add toppings. I take pics so I know what to add to MyFitnessPal. These two don’t show my note asking for olive oil instead of butter and my cute little thank you notes to the server and chef.

PS – I’m open to healthy combination suggestions that might sound tasty to you!

Naanan (Five).

Game Day Decisions.

I’m going to pre-season game tonight. I’m not expecting anything because it’s game 4 and pre-season. I’m just super excited to get back into Lambeau. I scored some great tickets for Rachel & I (corner end zone, row 6) for just $15 each. Now I just have to figure out what shirt to wear.

Ngodwaaswi (Six).

Sriracha Makes Everything Better

I stayed home from work today because by the time I get home from the game I would end up being awake for over 20 hours. Then have to get up at 4a, workout, work a full day tomorrow and drive a couple more hours after work to get Freya. I knew that would make for some dangerous driving so I figured I’d rather be safe.

Anyway. Since I actually have time to cook breakfast at home, I made myself a huge helping of scrambled eggs and loaded them with sriracha. I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorite breakfasts. The only thing missing was an avocado.

Niizhwaaswi (Seven).

Time is Hrd

I’ve been at my current job for a year and a half. For that entire year and a half I’ve been living in Central time and working in Eastern. For that entire year and a half I’ve been “Time Zone Confused.” For that entire year and a half I’ve been really lucky and caught my slip ups without being late.

I’ve tried everything to help cure the confusion but nothing works. What makes it even more confusing is that my employer runs on eastern time even though they are on the central side of the time zone border. As my cell signal jumps towers, my time flips back and forth. Setting my phone to a time zone doesn’t work because I have to function in both time zones. I’m convinced this confusion will not end unless I move up there and only have to think about central time when I visit Wisconsin.

Ishwaaswi (Eight).

This Hair, Though.

The humidity is awesome, let me tell you. Since I’m home today I let my hair air dry and didn’t pull it back into a ponytail. I’ve mentioned how my hair decided to get little ringlets since I turned 40 versus the normal super straight hair I had all my life. I finally have proof.

This is also proof that I have a giant forefivehead. My lawd.

This is also proof that I need to finish vacuuming my single rug so I can put my vacuum away.

I should maybe put away my TV tray, too.

Oh! And see my nice, glowy skin? I stopped washing my face with cleanser about a month ago. I use a combination of oils instead now (argan, grapeseed, olive and coconut) with a drop of lavender essential oil. My complexion is bouncing back splendidly.

Zhaangaswi (Nine).

New Living Room Decor?

New Living Room Decor?

My yoga mat has become a semi-permanent fixture in my living room. I do yoga in the morning when I wake up then again before I go to bed. It’s just me here so why pick up the mat constantly? The only time it gets picked up is if Freya is here so it doesn’t get full of dog hair. Or, like today, when I expecting company.

I suppose I could just move it and my spare TV into my workout room where it can actually be a permanent fixture. That would probably make more sense.

Midaaswi (Ten).

Box Hoarder.

Box Hoarder.

Hi. My name is Kit-Kat and I am a box hoarder. My box collection started out as a way to wrap Christmas gifts. Over the past 6 months it morphed into something greater. I find myself keeping cute boxes even though I don’t really have many Christmas gifts to wrap anymore. I even keep the packing material if it’s really cute. This is just a small sampling of my box collection. I hope one day I can afford many cute gifts so I use them as I originally intended and won’t be forced to recycle them.

Do you have a secret hoarding stash of anything?

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  1. HAHAH I used ot be a hoarder of any nice packaging until I married the hubs. He is VERY streamlined in his possessions and tossing them is a better option than hearing him whine about my keeping stuff.
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood´s last entry – Weird Things My Animals Do

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