This Little Piggy

Went to the Market.

I tell you what. It’s beyond ridiculous that healthy food is so much more expensive than crap. For example, flour tortillas are under $2 for 8 and Brown Rice Tortillas are $10 for 6. Ten stupid dollars for 6 stupid tortillas. I dropped $40 on 6 items last night. It would have easily been less than half of that if I bought the non-healthy versions of everything.

Stayed Home.

I want to take a trip up to Door County this year. I really wanted to go over the Summer, but I think I’ll wait until apple season now. I’m going to Vegas for work the week of my birthday so I’m trying to spend as little cash money as possible right now. This is a difficult challenge for me. I’m not someone who likes to stay home. Ever.

Had Roast Beef Vegan Cheese.

So, one of the items I bought last night was Vegan Mozzarella Cheese. I’ve been craving pizza in a bad way for the past few days. I didn’t want to suddenly eat cheese and have my body wig out because it wasn’t ready for dairy buuuuut… I can’t have pizza without melty cheese. So I compromised. Vegan cheese, garlic powder, fresh basil and nutritional yeast (portobello mushrooms and tomatoes, too… on one of those spendy brown rice tortillas). It gave me the delicious melty “cheese” and crunchy crust that I wanted. The garlic powder and nutritional yeast gave me the actually cheesy tasting goodness that I was looking for.

Had None (or not enough).

MyFitnessPal is yelling at me every single day because I’m not eating enough calories. I’m eating all the freakin’ time. I’m trying. I even ate that whole pizza last night (only 400 calories) even though I was getting full 1/2 way through. Shut up, MFP. I’m full all the time okay!?

This is why I hate tracking my food. I start obsessing over it. The downside of not tracking is that I don’t keep myself accountable.

Went wee wee wee all the way home to the fitness center.

This is how I know MFP is right to yell at me… low energy workouts. That’s also why I made a point to finish that whole stupid pizza.

Anyway, I’m working out again so that means my sprained toe is feeling better. It’s not completely healed but it doesn’t ache when I workout. I treated myself to a FitBit Zip last week for finishing the Reset. Obsessing over that dashboard keeps me motivated to move instead of just sitting at my desk even though it feels like someone punched me in the buttocks. (Did you say that like Forrest Gump? I did.)

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