Final Results

Three weeks flew by really fast. I’m glad I did the Reset again. I feel so much better than I did at the beginning of the month.

My final numbers after 3 weeks…

Reset 2015: -10.6 lbs, -13.5″, -5.33% body fat

Reset 2013: -14 lbs, -11″, -4.78% body fat

I’m under 3 pounds away from losing all my “Michigan Weight”. I don’t like that I had to “throw money at the problem” to get myself focused again but it seems to work. I know what to do. It shouldn’t take not wanting to waste money to do it.

Anyway. I’m happy I can start reintroducing food back into my diet but I’m going to keep that at a minimum for now. I want to take my food allergy test first. I’m just excited I have the option to eat more than fruits and vegetables.

And guess what… I’m not having salad for lunch. I’m having a creamy vegan vegetable soup. Wild & crazy, I know.

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