Week 2 Dun-Dun-Dooooone.

Things are still going well with the Reset. I’m on my second day of the last week. I’m pleased with my numbers. I’m even more pleased I fit comfortably into my favorite jeans.

The Numbers.

Reset 2015: – 8 lbs, -11″, -4.12% body fat

Reset 2013: – 10 lbs, -7.75″, -3.7% body fat

Those numbers make me wonder if I was that bloated when I started this time or if doing the light workouts are the difference. Whatever it is, I love the change. I even accepted of my rapidly disappearing boobies.

Since I like to compare FormerMe against CurrentMe, I looked at my measurements anytime I was at this weight over the past 2 1/2 years. I was pleasantly surprised. My numbers are better now than when I was busting my ass working out twice a day, six days a week.

Minor Annoyances.

I noticed I feel really thirsty when I wake up in the morning if I don’t drink at least a gallon of water the day prior. This wasn’t a problem before. I’m frustrated that I’m still that dehydrated. I can’t let up just a little without feeling like I could drain a well dry in the morning.

I narrowed down my end of the work day sleepiness to not having enough “fuel” between lunch and dinner. Friday I ate a snack right before I left work because I knew I wouldn’t get to eat until late that day. I was wide awake on the drive home. I had a smaller snack yesterday and had a bit more energy than when I don’t. It’s almost as if my body hits that 3-hour mark and says, “Feed me. No? Okay, nappy time!” The thing is, I’m not hungry. The meals are big enough so I’m not hungry between lunch and dinner. Lately, I also get a minor headache if I wait too long to eat (because I still feel full from the previous meal). It’s been a bit of a challenge to figure all of this stuff out.

I want meat. Not like “eat meat every single day” level but just to have to option to eat chicken, pork or fish would be lovely.

I’m cold. All the time.

I Have One Little Confession.

I cheated Tuesday night and had a Redd’s with D after our day of hard work. When he went to make a fast food run for himself, he took a detour and bought them for me. He didn’t realize that 1) I don’t drink Redd’s anymore and 2) my food/drink consumption is severely limited to just stupid fruit and veggies with a little healthy fat. He was bummed when I told him about my limitations so I decided to have one since he went out of his way for me. That hasn’t happened in easily 4 years. Plus, he went into a store without being able to take a shower for 2 days since our project involved a broken water heater.

I didn’t tell him I don’t like Redd’s anymore. My beer taste changed drastically over the past year. I loved it when I moved so that’s what he remembers.

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