#Unplugged: Random Thought Bullets

  • Waking up at 4a is hard when you refuse to go to bed before 10p. Harder when you’re so busy you can’t go to bed until midnight.
  • I put $4 worth of gas in my car this morning. I love that I can cruise about 70 miles on that.
  • As a person who is aware I can quickly flip a subject to focus on me, some people truly have a gift for making everything about themselves.
  • Unrelated to the previous thought, you ever hear someone talk about your relationship in a way that makes you wonder if the two of you were in the same relationship or if they’re talking about someone else? Wow. (Relationship as in friendship but I state that using the term friendship loosely. Acquaintance? I’m not friends with assholes. Except for one.)
  • Unrelated to the previous two thoughts… I have a close friend I’ve known more than half my life. Said friend jumped from me stating that I deactivated my FB account but will return to “did you block me because I did something wrong?” because I didn’t reply to a text in under 4 minutes. In the middle of the day while I was at work. She was so panicked that she called someone else to ask if I talked to them. Now, this friend and I haven’t talked all summer. I don’t engage in gossip so why in the world would I block her, someone I’ve known my entire adult life, without speaking to her first? Now I have this lingering thought that she was acting shady and is feeling paranoid about it.
  • People. It’s social media, FFS.
  • Fog lifting is one of my favorite things. It will forever remind me of a dream I had a while back about standing at the edge of a lake and someone I care deeply for walked up and wrapped his arms around me. It was a lovely dream moment.
  • I love early morning drives to work.
  • I also love early morning workouts.
  • I wish NightOwlMe and EarlyRiserMe could work this shit out so I can stay rested.
  • I have a week to decide if I want to keep my Twitter accounts. My 30 day experiment is flying by.
  • I can’t wait to watch more Walking Dead tonight.
  • “I miss your lips and everything attached to them.”
  • I’m jumping all over the $18 30-minute massage next week. I don’t care that I have to travel 20 minutes in the opposite direction. My muscles need some TLC.
  • Here comes the sun.
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