Think Out Loud Thursday #11


Trial Office Chair

My existing office chair is one of those executive chairs with a high back and rocks back and forth. It looks great behind my desk but it’s not very ergonomically correct. I slouch a lot. I decided to try one of these balance ball chairs.

Trial Office Chair


It does help me remember to sit up straight. Plus, I can bounce up and down when I get bored or tired or excited. I actually do some core work while sitting here, too. I like it. However, this one I’m not really in love with for a couple of reasons. The wheels randomly lock which makes scooting forward or back difficult. And it really bothers me that it doesn’t have arms. I’m clumsy so I’m paranoid about tipping off over the side because I tend to do that sort of thing, even when completely sober.

For instance, I fell off of these one afternoon. And it was back in the Summer of ’99 before I started consuming adult fermented beverages (I didn’t start drinking until I was 25).



Anyway. I’m trying to figure out if I really want one of these balance chairs as my permanent office chair. What if I get sick and want a slouchy day? It totally wouldn’t work on that thing.


Starting last week I keep this handy-dandy 320z bottle at my desk and fill it with water from the bubbler. I drink 2 of them in morning and 2 in the afternoon.

MOAR Water


So, while at work I’m drinking at least a gallon of water a day. This doesn’t count the 24-32 oz I drink before work. Or the 32+ I drink after work. Or the random cups of tea I have throughout the day.

Between my new water consumption habits and my pregnant officemate, we’re going through a lot of toilet paper.


Hooray! * insert happy dance here *

Go Pack Go
I’m so far beyond pumped that pre-season starts tonight and that the Packers are playing. Because of my social media absence, I forget to update myself on football news and accidentally scheduled something for tonight. I cancelled as soon as I remembered. I’m even leaving work a little early so I can get all of my errands finished before the game starts.

Is it a Tran or a Vruck?

What do you do when you have a van but want a truck? Chop the van, of course!

I was really excited when I saw this in the parking lot at work today. I’ve wanted to get a picture of it for over a year. I love Yoopers.

Ears, have no fears!

I had this one set of ear buds for about 5 years. They were pink and aqua, so bright and fun. I loved them. One day I lost one of the cover the while I was working out so I replaced it with spares from a different set of ear buds. Unfortunately, the covers were bigger and apparently I have tiny ear wholes. The stupid cover would get caught in my ear every now and then when I’d quickly pull the earbuds off.

Well, after them getting stuck really good (to the point where I nearly had to have my officemate/Super-Mom help me pluck it out of my ear), I finally remembered to bring one of the pair I have from home.

My ears are grateful.

Snip, snip.

Last year was a bad year for haircuts. My hair turned out awful 2 of the 3 times I got it cut last year. Back in October I got my hair cut for the 3rd time. It traumatized me because it was short. With bangs. That’s a great look as long as it’s not on me. After 8 months of putting it off because I’d nearly hyperventilate at the thought of going scissors to hair, I finally got it cut yesterday… and she didn’t mess it up! I’m so excited!

Wax what?

I went to the salon here at work to check prices on a few of their waxing services today. When I told the stylist I was interested in prices for waxing, her immediate reply was, “$x for brows and $x for facial hair.”

Uhm, what? I don’t have a hairy face. And it has nothing to do with waxing. :( Geez.

I was so annoyed I didn’t even bother asking for the services I wanted.

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