#Unplugged: I *was* sleeping.

Woke up to the sound of… singing crickets.
The wind would whisper and I’d think of… blogging.

All I got for now.

That song (the real one, not my version) always reminds me of making out with HSSweetie on the bus on the way home from basketball games. Good Times.

I meant to post this yesterday but got distracted by more Walking Dead. D & I didn’t finish Season 3 yet but we’re close. We just have 2 more episodes left so we’ll easily be deep into Season 4 this weekend. I don’t dream about zombies anymore but I’m noticing a few scenarios from whatever episodes we watched that day popping up in my dreams.

Annnnnyway. I meant to post this yesterday but apparently one of the special little presents the Reset is giving me this time is temporary ADD. Poor D ended up using his magic fingers on my lower back because I was in so much pain Saturday night. Muscle ow everywhere. I say “Poor D” because I know my pain is minor compared to what he’s dealing with and I’m usually the one who is helping to relieve his pain. Wait. Screw that. I deserve some special treatment, too! Kidding.

See what I mean?

Ohhhhh pretty clouds are hugging a star cluster. Haha

Okay, I’ll get to the point.

Yesterday this pic of me and Freya came up on TimeHop. It’s in my top 5 favorite of the two of us.



And this one from yesterday… it’s actually part of a video. I managed to catch her while she was waking up and her decision to crash out again. She’s so cute when she’s tired.

I'm so sleepy.

I’m so sleepy.

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