#Unplugged: I’m Having a Day. A Good One This Time.

I managed to turn my mood around yesterday on my way home from work. A call from D telling me to bring an overnight bag helped a lot.

We spent all night last night and all day today watching The Walking Dead. It’s been one epic marathon. I fully expect us to finish Season 3 tonight.

I woke up early this morning. I just laid on the couch for hours listening to the light snores of D in his bedroom and Freya on the floor next to me. I was in heaven. I was amused I found so much comfort that low, nearly synchronized rumble.

And… here are my favorite pics of Freya from the weekend. I love her so much.

Running Free

Running Free

Miss Innocent

Miss Innocent

The last pic makes me laugh. She was digging under her blankets for something or other, messed them all up then gave me that look.

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