#Unplugged: I’m Having a Day

It really started last night when someone snagged money I forgot at a self checkout. Wait. Not really. It was festering a little before that happened. That seemed to amplify things.

Then as the night went on nothing seemed to go right and I got a text that irritate me. You know. If you miss someone, make some freakin’ effort outside of social media. I’m sorry if you’re so heavily dependent on following me on social media that you forget you have access to every possible way to contact me… including my address. I lie. I’m not sorry. Shut up and stop acting needy. If you really missed me you’d make the damn effort. I would be less irritated if social media wasn’t specifically mentioned. I think.


I went for a walk, didn’t help. I prepped my meals for today, didn’t help. I took a hot shower because I didn’t feel like taking the time to fill the bathtub, didn’t help. So, I did some yoga and that didn’t help either. Obviously sleeping didn’t help because I slept a billion hours and I’m still feeling off.

Part of this is the cleanse. It always happens on day 3 or 4. I’m expecting one more mood spike before the middle of next week. The other part is the fun PMS symptoms I get since I started eating garbage again. I can’t believe how much my diet effects this. I was a believer when the symptoms decreased drastically. I’m even more a believer now that I feel like I could hang someone by their nipples.

As an added bonus, I’m having caffeine withdrawals. And I want some kombucha. And I want a stupid glass of wine, not because I need a glass of wine but because I’m use to having a glass to chill me out. And I want stupid services I use not to be so dependent on the social media accounts I have deactivated.

I’ll get over it.

I just need to shake this mood within the next couple hours. I can’t go down to pick up Freya while I’m like this. Things have been going way too well. Positive steps were taken (not back together positive, just closer positive). But we’re in too fragile of a state for me to go there feeling like I do right now. He deserves the best, since that is exactly what he’s giving me while he’s going through a tough time. Freya is loving and sweet and innocent and will be excited to see me. I don’t want her to be bummed if I don’t greet her with the same enthusiasm I always do. This is where I’m at right now.


That’s how Day 3 of the Reset is going. Food is great. Supplements are great. I’m getting less bloated. My digestion is straightening itself out. I’m starting to feel somewhat hydrated again. My cold symptoms aren’t as severe today. AND I did not get a migraine. I’m just in a wicked mood.

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