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It. Is. Happening. Vegas work trip during the week of my birthday is getting booked as I write this. My only hope is that my flight isn’t one that gets me out there ridiculous late on my birthday. I don’t want to spend my entire birthday traveling. Or miss the Packers playing on Monday Night Football.


The number of deer I saw on my way into work this morning was gross. Low double digits, 12ish, but still. That’s a lot for this time of year. I usually don’t see that many until fall unless I take the back roads.


Last Wednesday I had to take the lake route instead of my normal route to work. My sister was picking me up at CarGuys’s but I was running late because of construction. I wanted to give her an exact time of arrival so I pulled up the map on my phone. It gave me directions from across the bay in Door County, WI, claiming I was 3 hours and 16 minutes away. In reality, I was only about 40 minutes away and in Michigan. People often ask why I have a GPS instead of using my phone. This is why.

Phone GPS Fail

Phone GPS Fail


When I’m cooking at home I use a ton of fresh herbs. It gets really expensive buying them so I decided to have my own cute little kitchen herb garden. I purchased the parsley, rosemary, mint and basil last week then snagged the oregano and cilantro from my sister. I transplanted them from what you see here into little white pots for the time being. I’m working on setting up space in a cute little nook off the landing on my staircase. Here’s hoping my green thumb turned black turns green again!

My Cute Little Herb Garden

My Cute Little Herb Garden


I get so confused when I see this van at work. Virginia is for Lovers but they love Texas but live in Michigan. What exactly does this say about them? And Michigan. And Texas.

So What Are You Saying?

So What Are You Saying?


I’m starting to experience the cold-like symptoms of doing the Reset. I’ve been sneezing all day, my throat hurts, and my sinuses are throbbing. Other than that… Day 1 went well yesterday.

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  1. I love your little herb garden! I bought a couple of plants last year, but I’m horrible with keeping them alive and… well… they didn’t last long :lol: Fresh herbs really make all the difference in cooking, though! And I hope that you feel better soon! Sending good vibes your way.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons.´s last entry – . thinking out loud #142 .

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