#Unplugged: Here I go. Here I go. Here I go again.

Girls, what’s my weakness?

I love that jam. It’s easily one of my favorites from the 90s.

But I’m not going to write about men, or that one man who I always right about. I do have some comical stories from the weekend that aren’t about the one man who is one of my main topics here… I somehow have a new gBFF.

Anyway. That’s not the topic right now.

Once Upon a Time.

I found this on TimeHop today. A year later I still struggle to stay motivated.



I lie. A year later, I lost all motivation. I walk and stretch occasionally and rarely do any strength training. I eat whatever I want. I’m dehydrated so I’m super bloated, my skin sucks, I’m getting frequent migraines and I feel like I have allergic reactions to everything. Health-wise, I feel like I did 3 years ago. Good times.

Quite often I think that I was able to stay focused long enough that everything became habit is because I started by doing the Ultimate Reset. It was really strict. Everything was planned out for me… how much water to drink, what I had to eat, when I could eat and drink, and the piles of supplements. Also, the program isn’t cheap so I was throwing a lot of money away if I didn’t stick with it.

I felt so amazing by the time the Reset was over that I just kept going. It was truly life changing for me.

Taking The Plunge.

I ‘ve been saving money to repair ThePod. Luckily, I didn’t need even close to what I saved. I decided to buy an Ultimate Reset Refill kit with some of the money I had to spare.

I’m starting tomorrow.

Ultimate Reset Refill Kit

Ultimate Reset Refill Kit

The timing couldn’t be better. There are no major events that I have to worry about. I can go to the farmer’s market to do a bulk of my grocery shopping and save a ton of money compared to the first time. As an added bonus, my life is calm and distraction free so I can put everything into completing this.

What I’m Looking Forward To.

It’s summer. The garden/farm fresh fruit and veggies will be amazing in the already amazing recipes.

The routine. I can’t wait to get back into the habit of eating 4-5 times a day and cooking at home.

Restful sleep. I currently sleep in 1-2 hour increments because I’ll wake up with a headache, my stomach is bothering me because of something I ate, or I’m just falling to sleep as a result of one of those two things and noise in the street wakes me up. It’s awful. I look tired. I work at 9 now because anything earlier kills me.

My skin is looking like the skin of a 40-something plus. I aged a ton in the past 6-9 months.

No more chocolate, ice cream and doughnut cravings.

Renewed motivation.

What’s Different This Time.

My weight goal isn’t my main focus anymore. My health is now front and center. I’m tired of feeling like garbage. The migraines I mentioned seem to be taking over my life again to the point where I’m missing 1-2 days of work a month and struggling through several more. The allergic reactions to everything? I’ll be taking a food allergy test in September so I know what I should stay away from as I reintroduce food back into my diet.

I know what to expect. I don’t have to suffer through the not-so-delicious detox and alkalinize packets before I finally figure out how to make them tasty using approved foods half-way through the reset. Oh my word… those were a horrible 10 days to get through gulping down that stuff.

I won’t have a meltdown because I can’t eat delicious snack or drink beer during the Super Bowl. No major events should mean no major meltdowns.

The suggested exercise is two 20 minute walks a day plus stretching. I waited until the last week to start walking my first time through the Reset. Stretching didn’t happen at all. I wish I would have done both from day one. I will be this time.

I don’t have social media this time. If I document anything, it will be here. Translation: Be prepared for food pics! I kid. Before/afters may not because holy bloated belly.

During the 5+ months post-Reset that I didn’t drink I stayed mostly vegan, straying maybe once a month. I probably won’t go to that extreme.

My cheering section is nearly non-existent. I only mentioned this to D, my boss, my officemate and, well, you guys. I’m flying solo 95% of the time I’m not at work. We’ll see if this is good or bad.

Throwback, uhm, Tuesday. Just Because.

How can I not post the video?


And here I am, just one year prior to the release of Shoop. Late Spring of my Senior year.

Me. Circa 1992.

Me. Circa 1992.

This picture, though, you guys. That hair. Those big hoop earrings. The lack of ::cough:: chest. It’s no wonder that someone who didn’t see me for 15 years thought I got a breast aug. I’m dying.

(PS – I’m at my current goal weight in this pic. Just because it’s no longer my main focus doesn’t mean it’s not a goal.)

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  1. Jill says:

    Hey lady! I’m in the middle of a 24 day challenge so if you need a clean eating pep talk I’m here. Hope all is well!

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