#Unplugged: The Second Day in Review

What happened?? Are you okay?!

When I deactivate an account I never make the big announcement or tell people I’m considering it. I just do it. I find the grand “I’m leaving” announcement to be a cry for attention, looking for people to beg for you not to go, to talk you out of it, support your decision, whatever.

I find it a bit amusing that the first conclusion people jump to is that something is wrong. I don’t want my focus to be on social media right now. That’s it. If you want to keep up with me, that’s cool if you contact me.

But, honestly, my social media content is garbage. Who really needs to know what I’m eating or watching on TV or what funny and awesome stuff Freya is up to? I’ll be happy to text, email, call or have a meal and/or drinks to catch up if you really want to know. I get it. It’s exciting stuff.

Aside from you all… of course. You guys know where to come to get the really good stuff.

The habit.

After getting a strange look because I kept picking my phone up then immediately putting it down while at lunch with a friend on Friday, I confessed that I deleted my Facebook a few hours earlier and felt like I needed a fix. He laughed then immediately asked, “what happened?!”

By Friday evening when I picked up Freya, it got a little better. I saw D look quizzically at my phone on the coffee table while I prepped dinner. It wasn’t within arms reach. This must be huge. Later when I did the pick up/put down thing a few times out of habit again, I accidentally let out an audible “gaaaaah!” He gave me another look so I explained that I deactivated my social media accounts.

His response? “Uh oh… what happened?”

I spent all day at home yesterday and I cannot tell you the how many times I opened a tab so I could check out Facebook. I broke the Twitter habit a while back so, again, no bigs. But to not open Facebook was weird. The funny thing is that I don’t really care about 95% of the content, it’s purely habit. Ri-dic-u-lous.

Stuff I Would Have Posted if I Didn’t Deactivate All My Stuff.

Seriously, this is important stuff everyone needs to know.

  • Freya likes to sleep so she can kick me or stick her butt in my face.
  • Sleeping in would be nice if I didn’t have a dog butt in my face.
  • What happens when I don’t have social media: my apartment gets cleaned from top to bottom in one day.
  • Cherries are assholes.
  • I know when it’s 63 in my apartment this winter that I’ll be longing for days like today when it is 85 degrees in here.
  • Why does my landlord always have to schedule showings on hot days when I have Freya?
  • LOL, she was so into her ice cream it got all over her face.

    Ice Cream On A Hot Day > Everything

  • I wish it would cool down enough so I could make chicken jerky. Too bloody hot in here.
  • Freya really loves her night-time walks. Note the tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

    Night Time Walk Guard Dog Reporting For Duty!

    Night Time Walk Guard Dog Reporting For Duty!

  • Freya woke me up at 7:30 this morning all, “Yay! It’s Sunday! That was 2 nights so you can take me home now.” After telling her she had to wait until this afternoon she decided to nap to make the day go faster.
  • Seriously. Cherries are assholes.
  • Ryan Gosling shirtless. BRB.
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4 Responses to #Unplugged: The Second Day in Review

  1. Bonnie (BornInaZoo) says:

    I didn’t realize you unplugged until I saw your last blog post … it was 93rd on my unread feeds. When I texted you on Friday, it was just because I knew Jeanne was up home and only uses FB messenger for family medical updates.

    My phone made it through a ride on the boat cover from the house to the launch & then survived 5 hours of fun & was forgotten on the boat last night. It wasn’t until this morning when I went to get my dead phone out of the boat, Chip said … “how much did you miss?”

    • Kit-Kat says:

      I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure how to process this comment. I’m not sure what telling me I’m 93rd on your unread feed does. You text updates regularly, even when our sister is in town, so I didn’t think anything of it.

      That’s pretty lucky your phone made the ride to the marina!

  2. Bonnie (BornInaZoo) says:

    PeeEss: I miss Freya updates.

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