#Unplugged: My 30 Day Experiment

30 days. No social media.

Wait. I take that back.
30 days. No Twitter or Facebook.

I’m rarely on anything else that makes an impact on my time and energy but those may go, too. We’ll see as the month progresses.

Day 1: The Disconnect.

Twitter wasn’t hard to deactivate because I already deactivated one account for nearly 3 months earlier this year. I never really fully got back into the swing of things when I returned. As long as I was deactivating one Twitter account, I decided to deactivate the other. A complete cut-off. The fact that I’m doing this just as Training Camp is about to jump off makes me a little twitchy but I’ll get my updates elsewhere.

Now, Facebook is a completely different story. That was a hard one to deactivate. It actually made me nervous when I deactivated this morning. I’m mostly worried I’ll miss a medical update on one of my siblings. But, SERIOUSLY, if that’s the biggest reason that I’m keeping a social media account active (which it is) then that’s even a better reason to deactivate for a while.

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