Think Out Loud Thursday #9

… because I haven’t in a really long time.



Three months to be exact. Holy smokes, Batman!

The Year of Skirts and Dresses

I’m not I was not a person who loves to wear skirts or dresses. I’ve always had a few for when I felt like it or had to but it was rare that I actually wore them. This summer is different. I wear them a few times a week and even added to my collection. I’m excited for skirts and tights with boots in the fall.

The long and short of it.

After a too-short cut with bangs last October, I got fed up with the year of less than spectacular haircuts and have just been letting my hair grow. It’s shoulder length now. I guess you’d call this my former signature look because this use to be my “cute, short cut” except it’s not. It’s a short cut that’s grown out and looks like exactly that. It’s been 9 months since my last cut and need to do something but I’m stuck at the “do I chop it or let it grow” stage.

Waxing or Threading.

I usually get my eyebrows waxed. Last month I decided to try threading because it hurt less than waxing and didn’t cause redness. BULLS**T. About the hurt less part, anyway. It’s super cool that I didn’t turn red like I have been lately but that constant weird pulling feeling is something I can do without. I’ll gladly take the quick yank from wax that results in about 10 minutes of slight redness over repeating that experience again.

Oh. And since when does “filling in your brows” mean automatically making them look like someone used a fat magic marker on them. AND, what about me and my very lightly applied, natural looking, lightly filled eyebrows makes a make-up artist think that I want my eyebrows to be seen from a 1/2 mile away, completely distracting from the fact that I have pretty great eyes and smile. No.

Bad, make-up artist. VERY VERY BAD.

A month later and I’m still not over the awfulness. That’s how bad it looked.


I’m on a roll. I’ve been making about 4-5 gallons every other week. I’ve been experimenting more with flavoring. My current favorite so far is cherry vanilla. I have another batch that’s ready for second ferment so I need to figure out some new flavor options. I’m thinking cucumber something, tropical fruit something and, of course, ginger something because I can’t go without ginger flavored kombucha.


I’m going to Vegas for work at the end of September. I leave on my birthday.

I may be going to either Texas or Oregon for work in November.

I want to plan a trip to San Francisco/Sonoma/Napa in October.

I hope I can somehow squeeze in all 3.

Cross your fingers that my car repair isn’t a bajillion dollars.

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