So. Gross.

Yes, I’m back.

I’m just going to quick gloss over the fact that I haven’t blogged in a month. Acknowledged. Moving on.

As I was saying… gross.

What exactly is so gross? The freakin’ windows on my entry doors, that’s what. When I moved in I thought the glass on the storm door was frosted, dirty but frosted. I wasn’t around much last summer so I didn’t bother with cleaning the windows in the entry.

Last week I noticed DownstairsNeighbors had clear windows. Beautiful, clear windows. My first thought was that there was no way mine could be the same. I took a damp paper towel and took a quick swipe on one of the panes.


The paper towel was black and I didn’t even get to the bottom layer of crud. Blech. This afternoon when I got home from work I grabbed a scrubby cloth, bucket of hot soapy water and started scrubbing. It took me 20 minutes to clean all the crud from the storm door. It was that gross. This was just to clean off the billion layers of dirt. I didn’t even get a chance to use glass cleaner yet. I’ll have to finish that tomorrow because I forgot I ran out.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be traumatized by that little cleaning excursion. I guess the super positive is that I’ll have clear, pretty windows on my entry door now! What an amazing difference it makes when walking up the porch.

More work… but less gross.

The screen on the storm door had a giant tear and was lifting from the bottom. Every time I walked in and out of the apartment I had to be super careful so I didn’t snag my clothes. Since I was working on cleaning the windows I decided to replace pokey metal screen with fiberglass screen as well. (Yes, I forgot to buy glass cleaner when I went to buy the new screen.) The rubber spline was a bit dry so I rehydrated it in hot water and about a tablespoon of olive oil. Once it was dry and I made sure there weren’t any cracks, I put the new screen in. It looks so preeeeeetty.

Then since I was working on the entry doors… I took a razor to the panes on the main door to remove all the stupid old tape plastered everywhere. Nine of the 12 panes had at least one 3″ piece of disgusting, dried up tape plastered to it. First, why in the world did the previous tenants feel the need to tape anything to random panes? Second, why in the heck didn’t they peel off the tape after removing whatever they posted?

Strike the second question… the 8,327 layers of dirt on the storm door answers that.

Project Pretty Entry

I’ve wanted to pretty up the entry since I moved in. Once I got busy cleaning the windows, a billion ideas popped into my head. I have a few extra curtain rods so I’m going to replace the old, fugly, heavy drape that probably holds another 8,327 layers of dirt and dust and is attached with 1/2 a rod and a few nails. I really want more natural light in the entry because my hallway upstairs is so unbelievably dark and drab so I’m trying to decide if I want to get a sheer or a light-colored curtain.

I also have some 4×6 picture frames stored away that I decided to paint and hang. I’m trying to find the most perfect wall decal, too. If everything goes as planned (translated: I don’t have any other fabulous “I have to do this” ideas), Project Pretty Entry should only cost me about $25-$30. Yay!

Now that I decided to make a project out of this, I wish I would have taken pictures before I started peeling away the layers of disgusting that covered my front doors. Especially since that’s where I got my motivation to actually do something with the entry.

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