Just keep swimming…

Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

I love Finding Nemo.

100 Happy Days

Day 85, My Favorite Scent.

I finally bought a small bottle of my favorite perfume. I ran out at the end of last summer and have been cycling through others ever since.

100 Happy Days #85. May 12, 2015

The little bottle next to it is Freya’s bottle of “smell pretty” (Coconut Lime Verbena No-Rinse Shampoo).

Day 86, Those Ears!

I love when Freya puts her ears up. It’s rare that she does unless she’s laying down or, as I discovered last week, when she’s howling.

100 Happy Days #86. May 13, 2015

Speaking of Freya…

She was scheduled for a vet appointment yesterday. I arranged for her to visit with D since we were going to be in town. My girl was so happy to return to the space she’s known all her life. She’s been having a really hard time to the point where she wouldn’t eat and the morning lonely howls increased to nearly an hour. She just wasn’t herself at all. After some conversation, she’s back to staying with D full-time and visiting me.

Her doggie besties were very happy to see her. The other two dogs (a female Doberman and a male black lab) were so excited for her return that they could hardly contain themselves. The 3 of them ran and played hard for a good half hour.

I’m really happy that she’s back to her happy herself but, of course, I’m super sad. I really hoped things would work out where I could keep her full-time. Unfortunately, the lifestyle change was completely opposite of everything she knows.

This is honestly harder than when I moved a year ago. The past few weeks confirmed every reason behind her staying with D. Her staying behind wasn’t planned so all of her stuff is still scattered around my apartment. Either tonight or tomorrow I have to gather everything and bring it back to TheHut this weekend. Then there’s that thing about her wanting the 3 of us to be a family again, all living under the same roof. You’d be really surprised to see how clearly she communicates this with us. It breaks my heart every single time. It’s just not in the cards… no matter how much any of us wants it.

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