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100 Happy Days

Day 84, Two Sleepy Girls

I had a pretty tough night last night. I wasn’t feeling well so didn’t sleep much. When I finally fell into a deep sleep, I got paged on a long call. When I got home from work I decided to relax on the floor to watch TV. Freya thought it was a pretty good idea. We zonked out in the middle of the living room for a short time. I woke up to her snuggled up tight against me. (Oops, my bad for waking her up to take pics)

100 Happy Days #84. May 11, 2015

100 Happy Days #84. May 11, 2015

In Other News…

I’m taking Freya to the vet in D’s town on Wednesday. She’s finally going to get to see her other person in two days. She took a big gasp when I told her, like she could hardly believe it. Her face lit up then she started bouncing around, acting goofy. My girl was so happy! She misses him so much… she actually had a pained expression on her face Saturday evening while she napped. I really hope visiting D helps with some of her recent anxious behavior issues.

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