Redneck Cavalier.

Every couple weeks on Facebook I’ll update a series of posts about a car I lovingly dubbed Redneck Cavalier. The car amuses me so much that I can’t help but share with others. Today I decided to cross-post over here so my non-Facebook friends can share in my amusement. I only hope that I see it parked somewhere one day so I can snap some pictures.

February 27

There is this car I see every single day on my commute. It’s a Cavalier…

With a tall 6-8″ pipe standing straight up on the trunk, acting as the exhaust. Last night he added a set of those extended truck mirrors. Right now it looks like a ridiculous stereo-typical hick heap on wheels. He clearly has a vision. I’m almost excited to see what he does next.

March 17

Remember that Cavalier I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago? Today was my first time seeing it since.

The dude added a brush guard.I fear that itty bitty car is going through a bit of an identity crisis. I wonder if I’ll see a lift kit & mud tires by the end of the summer.

April 3

Update on the Redneck Cavalier: The dude added little orange flags attached to 4′ poles on both rear quarter panels near the trunk.

April 8

Redneck Cavalier Update: Dude put giant Pontiac logo decal in the rear window.

April 22

Redneck Cavalier Update: Dude attached 5 or 6 little orange lights to the roof.

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