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100 Happy Days

Day 64, My New Desk

I finished getting my new desk put back together and arranged this afternoon. Oh boy, what an ordeal that was. The desk had been taken apart and put back together incorrectly several times. I ended up pulling stuff apart and put it back together to make sure the desk was stable. Who in the heck is so lazy that they can’t put 3 drawers back correctly. I mean, really. Anyway. I was able to start organizing once I finished with that nightmare. I’m so happy. I finally have a pretty work space after a year instead of that ugly green desk. I need to buy some plants to give the space a little color.

100 Happy Days #64. Apr 21, 2015

100 Happy Days #64. Apr 21, 2015

There will be just a few more minor updates to my office before I’m completely settled. This back wall was patched for the past few months ago. HCD (Hottie Construction Dude) got busy and forgot to send someone back to paint it. I spotted him in the hallway today and asked about it. He immediately sent over one of the painters to take a look and find out what paint I wanted. My fugly wall will be a darker blue sometime within the next week.

Sad Wall

Once the wall is finished, I’ll just have to find a replacement for the ugly work table. After that I’ll be happy as a clam.

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