Think Out Loud Thursday #7

Work Stuff.

Yay! I finally got the nightmare of a desk in the other office cleaned off. I should probably get my current desk cleaned off since the swap is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

You know what’s not fun? When you update a client application on all of your servers and it causes several of them to behave erratically. The non-critical servers are totally fine, of course.

Sales people. I tell you what. If I haven’t answered any of the 3x a day phone calls, returned a call for any of the voicemails left, or replied to any of your daily emails, I’m not going to.

Music Stuff.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” Every single time I hear that jam this scene from Identity Thief pops into my head and makes me smile.

I love me some Justin Timberlake but how in the world did SexyBack ever become a hit?

I’m annoyed that I like so many Nicki Minaj jams. The lyrics of most of them make me cringe but the darn beat sucks me in.

zOMG TMI, She’s Talking About Her Girly Bits & Stuff.

Wearing a low-cut shirt + eating a toasted sandwich = bad idea. It’s not fun trying to discretely wiggle hard, pokey crumbs out of your cleavage while you’re sitting in the employee cafeteria. I can’t tell you how much I just wanted to take a napkin and wipe those evil little suckers out of there.

Menstrual cups. Figured I’d just mention that quick so anyone that doesn’t want to read this paragraph can skip it quick. heh. Anyway, I’ve been curious about the cups for a few years. I finally got the little nudge I needed to try one out after reading this article by Smaggle. I’m so happy I did. What a life changer, seriously. Within the few hours of using the cup I knew I would be a life long fan. The “ick factor” that kept me away from them is far less ick than tampons (I’m not kidding). A huge bonus is that the pain I have because of my endometriosis is almost non-existent. To suddenly not feel like my ovaries were pretending to be little fists and ganging up to assault my uterus with the occasional jab to my bladder and back is pretty much priceless.

Random Stuff.

I need to watch Rent again. It’s been a while.

I’m addicted to The Mindy Project. I blasted through Season 1 and just started on Season 2. I’m sure I’ll be caught up by Monday.

My cheekbone hurts. I’m trying to figure out if I slept knuckle-to-face or if my 40-year-old face is getting a whopper of a zit.

I’m tired of being on-call all the time, mostly because I want to hang out and have an after work cocktail.

My projects got abandoned. They’re sitting all sad and scattered around my living room.

100 Happy Days. Uhm, Stuff.

Day 58, Minions.

I love these little guys so much that I bought Minion band-aids. This one is on my tablet covering my back camera when I’m not using it. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band-aid covers the front cam.

100 Happy Days #58. Apr 15, 2015

100 Happy Days #58. Apr 15, 2015

Day 59, Zombie Outbreak Response Team.

I’m happy that a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team works at the same place I do. It’s nice to know I’ll be safe-ish in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

100 Happy Days #59. Apr 16, 2015

100 Happy Days #59. Apr 16, 2015

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